Boat Finance Perth

School of Finance: A Lesson in Boat Finance in Perth

Boat Finance Perth

Marine finance deals and boat loans can in the most part, be arranged over the phone or via email.

So you can work with a finance broker in another state and selecting a nationwide brokerage can offer many advantages.

However, having a local branch, eg in Perth, Australia, is extremely beneficial.

Larger finance broking companies often have accreditation with more lenders than smaller companies.

A large finance broker will have more brokers and possible more with the specialised marine finance experience, which is required to secure you a great boat loan offer.

For businesses operating on a national or even global basis, a national broker can offer significant benefits.

But not all finance brokers offer marine loan services across the country.

A broker with a local source in your city, such as Perth, offers benefits of local knowledge, easily contactable and being in a position to meet with you face to face if required when documents require signing or if you have questions about your boat finance deal.

So a local Perth finance broker from a national firm may be the ideal choice for west coaster seeking marine finance.

Here is a link to sourcing boat finance in Perth

How to select the right broker?

If you search for a marine finance broker reveals several in your local area, here’s a lesson in making your selection.

  • Ask if they have marine finance experience
  • Ask what general broking experience they have
  • If you are a business customer, ask what experience they have in commercial marine finance.
  • Ask what accreditations they have with lenders – how many and how many lending products they have access to
  • Are they independent
  • Are they Australian-owned
  • Is the local broker supported by a nationwide business
  • Do you feel comfortable with the broker and confident that they can provide a competitive offer for your boat loan?